Get Your Sweat On with Group Fitness Classes

Get Your Sweat On with Group Fitness Classes

Are you looking for a fun, dynamic way to stay fit and considering trying a group fitness class? It’s time to get your sweat on with group fitness classes and join a community! Not only are these classes fun and dynamic, but they are also geared toward all fitness levels and abilities. This means that whether you’re just getting started into a fitness lifestyle, or looking for new challenges to build on your current level of fitness and strength, group fitness classes will provide a motivating environment for you to reach your goals with other like-minded people.

Not to mention, Circuit Works LA offers an amazing offer for new clients. First, here are a few benefits of attending group fitness classes at Circuit Works LA.


Motivation is KEY when you’re working out. It is what drives you to victory. When it comes down to it, there are two forms of motivation. Self sufficient and being part of a community.

The positive vibes you can receive in a fitness studio that offers group classes are extremely helpful to keep you motivated in both those avenues.  The community at Circuit Works LA and positive energy is unparalleled. Our personal trainers bring you new music and new workouts everyday so you never get bored.  It helps to have other people by your side – rooting for you and CHEERING YOU ON to make it to the end of a fun hiit strength training workout. Together, with the help of our trainers, we can encourage each other to push through that extra rep or achieve new milestones. 

Self sufficient motivation is surely set to follow once you start feeling better, mindy and body. You’ll want to keep up with your new fitness routine and enjoy a new found energy and strength. 

Proper form and safety 

Speaking of hiit trainers … Asides from motivating you during your workout,  we’re also here to ensure your safety and proper form. Proper form is crucial when it comes to preventing injury and having professional trainers to work with you based on your personal body and existing physical conditions is key. When you’re working out on your own, you may not be fully aware of your improper form and this could cause long term damage or result in injuries.

Why is this important? Well, proper form is important for a workout to be effective. When working out, it is possible that you can injure yourself if you are not aware of the correct form. An incorrect form can lead to injuries that could potentially keep you off your feet for some time (which of course isn’t ideal). 

At Circuit Works LA, our hiit  trainers ensure that all of our members in our fitness studio are participating in exercises with proper form. By learning how to complete each exercise properly, you’ll increase the effectiveness of your workout, improve your form and reduce the risk of injury.


Don’t get stuck in a boring routine … spice things up with a little variety! As much as we want to focus on getting our sweat on with group fitness classes and reaching our fitness goals, it’s important to have a little fun with it so we don’t get bored. Having variety is another perk of group fitness classes.  Challenge yourself to new styles of workout each time and see which style you enjoy best. We offer a hiit cardio focus, strength training focus or a mixture of both.

Every class is unique and you’ll leave feeling better than you came in. Our trainers each have their own philosophies and bring their own variety to each class. We’re confident that you won’t ever get bored with your fitness routine here at Circuit Works LA and that you’ll enjoy the different styles each trainer has to offer.


Let’s be honest, one of the most challenging parts of working out is actually getting to the gym. Life is busy, schedules feel pretty full and time for working out doesn’t always come easy.  If this sounds like you, joining a group fitness class is the perfect answer since it locks in accountability.

Make a commitment to see your friends at the gym. By joining a group fitness class or bringing a buddy along with you, you now have a built-in accountability partner who knows your goals and will be there to remind you to stick with them.

When you sign up for a class in advance, you’re not only accountable to yourself but you’ll also be encouraged by your trainers and teammates to keep showing up making you more likely to show up. Making a group fitness class a part of your regular routine will help you keep on track and reach your fitness goals! 

Be a Part of a Team: 

It’s not always easy to push yourself when attending the gym alone, actually, you may find it quite easy to do the opposite and slow down or give up when you feel tired. When you’re a part of a team it is so much easier to feel supported and inspired to push yourself to the next level. Not sure where to sign up? If you are in the LA area and wondering where “group fitness classes near me” might be, Circuit Works LA  offers a fun fitness studio in the heart of Santa Monica. 

Our trainers and your classmates will be your team – stretching your limits and encouraging you to take those next steps. You no longer have to be totally self-sufficient when in a group setting, we are there to support each other, while keeping it fun and challenging you to your limits.


There is absolutely no need to feel intimidated or self-conscious when working out in a group setting because the truth is that everyone is there for the same reason: to take control of their life and improve their overall health and wellness.

We offer affordable pricing options for our returning clientele that you can check out here. Time to tighten up those laces and get to our Circuit Works LA fitness studio.

We can’t wait to see you at our next group fitness class! Contact us today to get started and ask us about our intro offers. 

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