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Target Heart Rate Zones For Every Fitness Goal

Heart Rate Science

FACT: The highest heart rate during your workout does not burn more fat calories.

Heart Rate is one of the most precise metrics available for gauging the effort level required for burning fat and improving cardiovascular endurance. Our color-coded Heart Rate monitoring system measures and tracks everything in real time so you can adjust your workouts on the fly.

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Wearing a heart rate tracker during class gets you to target the specific zones your body needs to achieve the desired results. Your stats are displayed live on the monitors during class so you can adjust your effort level up or down on the fly.

Your real-time heart rate and color-coded heart rate zones continuously show you whether you’re getting the most from your workout. Your results summary is emailed to you after each workout.


Our system works with all ANT+ sensors including power meters, heart rate straps and other ANT+ enabled fitness equipment. Heart Rate monitors are available for rent or purchase at the Studio. ($79.99 plus tax).