Our Mission

Circuit Works’ mission is to transform our bodies and minds to live happier, healthier lives by bringing out the Inner Athlete in all of us through motivational strength training and hiit workouts led by professional hiit trainers, and personal trainers of all styles. Enjoy our studio in a group fitness community or 1-on-1 coaching.


Circuit Works has transformed the bodies of tens of thousands of people over more than a decade. What we’re best known for, however, is the mental and emotional transformation that takes place inside your mind. As you get into better shape and improve your health, there’s another process going on below the surface – you are adopting the mindset and habits shared by elite athletes around the world: consistency, discipline, perseverance, and focus. 


Our fitness studio welcomes and accommodates any and all fitness levels – but make no mistake, our hiit trainers will challenge you.

 We’ll push you to work harder when we know you have it in you (and we’ll adjust when you’re at your max) – but only you can go the distance. Our trainers are experts in accountability, so if you come to us with goals like losing weight or getting stronger, then expect us to push you out of your comfort zone and not let you get away with anything when you tackle functional strength training with our team

When you make a commitment to succeed, we make a commitment commit to your success.


This workout is H.I.I.T. (High Intensity, Interval Training), so if you’re recovering from an injury or illness, we urge you communicate with the trainers so they can modifyy our hiit and functional strength training workout accordingly. Our number one priority is your success, and above all that includes your safety and well-being. Likewise, we encourage you to share your goals and aspirations with the trainers so they can give you variations applicable to that day’s routine. As certified experts in personal training, using our knowledge to help our clients be successful and reach their goals faster gives us unimaginable joy. And for most of us, that’s why we became trainers in the first place.

Take a peek at the Trainer profiles before you get to class:


The class rotates through a series of 10 resistance stations, targeting all the major muscle groups through a HIIT and functional strength training class. Every resistance station is 90 seconds long with a change in weight or sides after the first minute.

We do 2 90 second resistance stations in a row followed by 90 seconds on the treadmill then 90 seconds of cardio upper or lower body focused exercises using our signature Fitbenche.  This is repeated until all 10 stations are completed, and an abdominal routine rounds out the final 5-10 minutes of class. To avoid boredom, our routines change daily.

Don’t want to Run?  No problem!

All classes are designed to give you 3 options:

  • Option 1: Half Cardio and Half resistance
  • Option 2: All Resistance and No Cardio
  • Option 3: All Cardio and No Resistance

To avoid boredom, our routines change daily.


We believe in the idea of training smarter, not harder. That’s why we use a color-coded Heart Rate monitoring system to keep you in your target fat burning zone that is most appropriate for reaching your specific goals and and is based on your current fitness level.  

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The Circuit Works Difference

What Makes Circuit Works different?

Fitness studios today have stale Exercises

Fitness studios today have stale Exercises and Equipment which lead to client boredom and lack of effectiveness. New exercises with new equipment are costly and hard to achieve when you have all or most of the clients doing the same exercises at the same time.
OUR SOLUTION: We perform regularly updates on variety of exercises and exercise equipment


Every workout has 5 to 10 single exercise stations that can have no more than 2 clients at a time performing that one exercise. Because we would only need to purchase 1 to 2 pieces of that new equipment, this gives us the ability to add any form of equipment and exercise without requiring a structural or size change of the space. Not to mention the nominal cost of purchasing 1-2 units as opposed to purchasing enough units to facilitate all clients in a class. Personalized Instruction:

group teaching is without micro adjustments

Most, if not all group training studios advertise Group Personal training but their group teaching is without micro adjustments. The reason for this is because training a large group of clients doing the same exercise at the same time makes it extremely difficult. The instructor not only has to identify one client’s mistake but also correct every single person individually. They also have to demonstrate what the initial exercise is in the first place.
OUR SOLUTION: We perform real PT in a Group Setting with micro adjustments


Our classes have single movement stations with not only the video of the exercise but also the recommended resistance displayed at each station. This takes the guessing work from the client out of the equation. Therefore allowing the Trainer the time to correct form technique and give micro adjustments. The time that would be spent on showing the client what to do and what resistance to use. Balanced Training:

studios classes are either strength heavy or cardio focused.

Most, if not all group training studios classes are either strength heavy or cardio focused. Strength focused studios encourage heavy lifting. These types of studios, like Crossfit, have been proven to have a much higher percentage of injuries. Cardio focused studios tend to push clients cardio limits by keeping them on a treadmill, bike, or rowing machine at over a 85% MHR for over 5, 10, 20 or even 30 minutes or more. This has also been proven to be linked to client burn out. With these Injury heavy workouts and client burnout studios, if a client really wants to achieve a real balanced weekly routine he or she would have to find other additional options for extra strength or cardio training.
OUR SOLUTION: Our studio provides an even amount of strength and cardio in every class.


In our classes every resistance station and cardio activity is no more than 90 Seconds long. Our class structure is 2 x 90 sec resistance stations and 2 x 90 second cardio rounds. Because the cardio rounds are only 90 seconds, clients are able and willing to push harder during that 90 seconds more than they would if it were 5 minutes or more. This keeps their HR up at least half way into their resistance station exercise which balances out the strength to cardio racial of the workout. Proportionate Guidance::

Fitness studios classes today are either too hard or too easy.

Fitness studios classes today are either too hard or too easy and therefore are Not for all fitness levels.


Cardio wise we incorporate Zone Training with our HR Monitor system. This allows our clients to not only Train smarter, not harder by staying in their individual HR zones. Resistance training wise, we display light to heavy options at every station. With Light to Heavy options and trainers giving easier alternative movements, allows the client the ability to apply a customizable effort by listening to their body to train within their actual fitness levels to achieve the maximum results possible without the risk of injuries.”