Shanon Beelendorf

Sport Specific and Functional Training

ALIAS : coach shan

I was born and raised in the Midwest, and I am the middle of 6 siblings. From them, I learned the value of working in a team environment, camaraderie, and competitiveness. After my 4 years as a D1 college athlete at the University of Tulane I went into the wellness industry. I have been coaching for over a decade instructing group fitness, personal training, and holistic lifestyle coaching. One of my favorite things about coaching is connection and building relationships.


My Training is centered around education and accountability. Two ways I approach this philosophy are through sharing podcasts and books that are research-based and keeping my clients accountable through consistent weekly workouts.

I love how it feels like family. I enjoy having the regulars in, but when someone is new, everyone there makes them feel right at home. I also love that even though everybody is working hard, we are still having loads of fun.

“Do something every day to feed your mind, body, and soul”

I am in the Track and Field Hall of Fame at Tulane University and Sterling High School.


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