Mykhal Polite

Energetic & Attentive with the right amount of Humor

ALIAS : coach mars

Formerly a three-sport athlete, Mykhal is familiar with a variety of training that work for different bodies. Mykhal’s charismatic energy, magnetic personality and specially curated playlists result in classes that ignite the fitness warrior in everyone. However, his high energy and mobility in class are accompanied by an eagle eye for detail. Mykhal is a stickler for great form and is always around to correct form, help with questions about exercises or general fitness inquiries. He will help you find your limits; so that you can push pass them and become even greater.

Find Your Limit. Then Surpass It & Become Even Greater

The people! Every day I come into instruct, I am showered with upbeat energy, ready-to-go attitudes, hard work and sweat.

“You can catch many flies with honey, but you can kiss a lot of hunies being fly.”

I love banana pudding and think it’s the greatest dessert ever made. Truly undefeated in flavor.

Rock My World

Michael Jackson

Watching MTV’s, The Challenge