Andre Bolourchi



Andre has been a personal trainer and self-proclaimed yogi for over 10 years. His number one priority with studio members and private clients is proper form and technique, posture, and breath work. As a result, his clients experience better results, improved flexibility and range of motion. Andre loves teaching, bringing his unique style and energy while playing awesome music in all his classes.

Go 70% hard, so you don’t burn out. That way, I find that I can train (almost) every day. Stretch everyday- SUPER important. Bring awareness to your breath- this will also help improve your stamina, endurance and your results. Also, self-care is huge! Sauna, cold plunge, massage, recovery- is a must!

I love the workouts, the energy of our community, and the team members! Circuit Works is a safe, non-judgmental space where anyone can improve their level of physical and mental fitness. Just show up!

“The GREATEST power requires the LIGHTEST touch.”

I have traveled to 6 out 7 continents.

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