Fat-Burning Exercises For Beginners

CW Staff Writer
Fitness / Beauty

Starting a weight loss program is one of the most difficult things to do especially if you are a beginner, but with discipline and commitment, you can be sure and confident that you will lose those extra pounds on you. In this article, we are going to highlight some simple exercise that is suitable for beginners who want to lose fat fast without wearing themselves out. If you follow the tips that will be provided in this article, losing weight will be a fun and enjoyable experience for you because we are going to give you a step by step procedure on how to work out without over-stressing yourself.

Before you start, don’t forget to WARM UP.

Most beginners often ask themselves-Why is warm up really important? Well, performing a warm-up before exercising is important in a series of ways.  For starters, a good warm-up increases your heart rate and circulation of blood in your muscles, ligament, and tendon.  Diving deeper, warming up prepares your body and mind for the strenuous workout you are going to undergo. Your warm-up does not have to be too long. It should range from 5-15 minutes.  Some good warm-up movement may be through jogging, walking and stretching. 

Another reason why warm up is very important is that it prevents the chances of injury during a workout. This is true because, during a warm-up, joints, ligaments, and tendon become very flexible, therefore reducing the chances of a tear in muscles.  Before you can work out effectively, you have to be mentally prepared. Warming up minutes before a workout will prepare your mind for the mental strain you will undergo during your workout.  To be better prepared mentally for a workout, you can take some nootripics so that you can get some energy and you get in the zone.  After warm up here are some exercises for beginners to do

1. 20 jumping jacks 

2. 15-second plank 

3. 20 walking lunge

4. 20 push ups 

5. 20 squats

6. Leg Lifts Exercise (20 seconds) 

7. Single Leg Lift Jump Exercise 

After you have completed your workout, do some stretches

As a beginner, you may wonder the importance of stretching after a workout.  Stretching is a recommended procedure after a workout. You see, during a workout, lactic acid accumulates in your muscle which ultimately leads to fatigue and soreness after a workout.  Stretching after a workout will make you recover very fast after a rigorous workout.Soreness has been one of the major reasons why a lot of beginners skip their workout.   Stretching helps to prevent intense soreness as well as injury after a workout.  To relax the nerves and muscles after a workout, you have to stretch thoroughly. If you make stretching a habit, it will prevent any injury in the future.  

Final Note

Working out as a beginner has never been easy, but if you stay true to your goal to lose that extra pound of fat, the journey will be worthwhile. You can relate to the fact that losing weight is difficult, but if you remain committed to your workout plan as well as your diet, you can be confident that you will reach your goal in no time. Each time you work out, you get better, both mentally and physically. The mind is one of our worst enemies. Therefore, you must prepare yourself for the days when it will not seem to worth it when you feel like giving up, and you cannot go on anymore. What can help you here is to find your “WHY.” Think about the reason why you started in the first place.Doing this will help you as a beginner to lose weight with ease and excitement.