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Profitability & Support

Setting You Up for Success


Your earning potential can be as big as you want to make it. Aside from a stellar work ethic, here are a few factors that can determine your financial success.

Choosing the Right Location
Our franchise team will help you select an ideal site and negotiate the lease for your Circuit Works franchise. The location of a franchise plays a big role in determining your earnings. It’s important to choose a franchise located in a community that will want what your business is offering. Remember, traffic drives sales and sales keep a franchise healthy and growing. 
Driving Loyalty
Your ability to build strong customer loyalty contributes to the success of a franchise. Treat your customers like family – and they’ll keep coming back. 

Complete Documentation Suite
As a franchisee, you will receive comprehensive and straight-forward documentation that takes you step by step through the process of owning and operating a Circuit Works franchise. Our complete document suite includes:

• Jumpstart Guidelines
• Operations Documentation

• Grand Opening Guide


Jumpstart Program

Circuit Works franchisees get off to a fast start. Jumpstart is a pre-training program that holds your hand through every detail as you start your new business endeavor. From mundane tasks such as applying for a local business license and obtaining your Federal Tax ID Number to more expansive assignments such as initial employee hiring and the development of your grand opening target marketing campaign, Jumpstart ensures that you maximize your time before training. But, most importantly, it helps ensure that once you return from training, you’ll be ready to launch your new business!


Grand Opening Assistance
Circuit Works has developed a comprehensive marketing system to launch each location as effectively and rapidly as possible. You will leverage strategic partners, vendors, local media, print, web, and grassroots marketing to make an instant impact, drawing as many new customers as possible during your Grand Opening weekend.


Industry-Leading Product Research and Development

As part of the Circuit Works family, you’ll have access to all of the trade secrets that make Circuit Works studios one-of-a-kind, including our innovative proprietary products and classes, marketing techniques, procedures, and practices.


Inclusion on our Industry-Leading Website

When you become a Circuit Works franchisee, one of the many benefits is having your franchise included on our professionally-designed, high-traffic website. Your franchise will be prominently displayed on the Circuit Works website so you can begin building your business quickly and with instant brand name recognition.


Comprehensive Training

Every franchisee receives hands-on, start-up training in California. There, your training will cover every aspect of the Circuit Works franchising system. Our expert management will show you how to effectively market your business, coordinate scheduling, manage the administrative and financial aspects of your business, and oversee your staff. You will also learn everything there is to know about our classes, products, and services, including ordering, setup, and installation of your equipment to further solidify the training experience. Circuit Works founder Raphael Verela, as well as other key employees who actively work in the system we have created, will train your management team. 

Ongoing Training, Mentoring, and Advice

Even after thorough, professional training, the first year of your new business will raise many questions. Trust us-we know. As a franchisee of Circuit Works, training doesn’t stop when you leave California. Circuit Works management is available to assist you in reviewing franchise processes, providing advice regarding business growth, and assisting in effective marketing techniques. Our expert management team will guide and tweak each and every franchisee’s operations to help you build a stellar business, as well as conceive and achieve your business, personal, and community goals.

Key Vendor Relations and Preferred Vendor Savings
All franchisees enjoy the “economies-of-scale” savings provided by bulk ordering of supplies and retail products. We negotiate to help garner top-notch service from our preferred vendors while passing on considerable discounts and providing our locations with streamlined distribution. As a whole, our relationship with vendors ensures that franchisees will get the best value for their dollar.
You’ll also receive…
Marketing Assistance
Expert Support Hotline
Company Intranet
Ongoing Vendor Support
Insight into New Products
Continued Success
A dedicated franchise representative will always be accessible to give you support and help you succeed.

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