Muscle Recovery For HIIT Workouts

Muscle Recovery for Hiit WOrkouts


The most important part of High Intensity Training is not the workout. (It's the recovery!)

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that if you’re reading this, you’re probably obsessed with HIIT.  We all know who we are — and I’m right there with you on the obsession! Those of us who get so hooked we start going to class five or six times a week until…BAM! Injury, illness or body fatigue take us out of the game.  

The problem is that most of us put all this intense energy toward our workouts, and not enough energy into our recovery.  We tend to skip on this important process, and that’s when we learn (after it’s too late) how all our hard work can instantly be ripped away from us.  It takes a lot longer to get results than it does for them to disappear. That’s where muscle recovery saves the day.

Working with the body is always a better choice. Trainers say it all the time, “Consistency is key!” “Know your fitness level.”  “Slow and steady.” 

As a trainer and someone who takes class several times a week, I have some suggestions for recovery days and how to incorporate these into your weekly routine.

1. Yoga

If you are taking a Circuit Works class 3 or more times a week, those sore and hard working muscles need some gentle love.  You can search on Youtube “Yoga for beginners or yoga stretch.” Yoga with Adriene is my personal favorite. Try to carve out 15 – 30 min, either in the morning or right before bed and stretch your muscles.  

2. cryotherapy

Do yourself a favor and go to CRYOZONE in Santa Monica! All the trainers at CW are obsessed with CRYOZONE! It is only three minutes, yet equivalent to a 10 minute ice bath. You can do a full body session or go in for a specific spot treatment.  Check out their website or just go in to the studio. They are extremely welcoming and it is a very fast process. You are in and out in less than 15 min!

3. compression therapy

Have you heard of the NormaTec pulse massage pattern?  Basically it is a sort of suit you slip on and air is compressed into attachments.  These can go on your legs, arms, or hips. It gives off this pressure like massage for the limbs, helps mobilize fluids and helps speed recovery.  

It’s all about CIRCULATION! Great for athletes, anyone who is on their feet all day, or someone with poor circulation. I went for hip pain and it felt so good and within days I was feeling so much better.  Try HM SPORTS Performance and recovery in Santa Monica.

Emily Sears


Emily Sears is a manager at Circuit Works.