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Sean Williams

Beast Mode.

I was born and raised in Seattle, where I graduated from the University of Washington as an All-American in track and field. I took my passion and talents to the world class level where I qualified for the US National Trials in the 400 meter hurdles. I am now a dual citizen of the country of Spain, where I am training to qualify and represent them in the 2016 Olympics. I am a huge sports fanatic in almost all sports, especially when it comes to UW, Go Dawgs, and the Seahawks!

Training Philosophy

My main focus in training has always been to make it fun and enjoyable. I would say the majority of people don’t workout or stay consistent in their training because they don’t enjoy working out. The hardest part, getting to the gym. Why not create an environment where they actually look forward to their workout. If I make you smile or laugh at least once during your workout with me, I’ve accomplished my goal. I like to think of my classes as an intense workout party.

What I love about Circuit works

I tell everyone I know, I have the best clients in the entire world! We have an incredible system and workout, with an amazing staff, but it wouldn’t be the same job without the clients that I train. They come ready to put the work in, and with every individual’s personal goals, I guide them on how to get there, and we have an incredible time in the process.

Favorite quote

You are your own scriptwriter – If you can’t outplay them, outwork them!

Surprising fact about me

That I am a really terrible and sore loser, to the point that when I look back at some of my actions, it’s embarrassing haha. It can be in anything, game night, bowling, beach volleyball, racing, Superbowl or mini golf, that permanent switch I have to always win in all that I do, never shuts off. Losing causes a feeling in me that is uncontrollable at times, but give me some time to calm down, and I bounce right back to the fun, nice guy that I am. Working on it though, its just a very slow process haha.


Favorite song

Levels- Avicii

Favorite artist

Justin Timberlake

Guilty Pleasure

Hands down there is one word to describe this, sugar! I have one of the biggest sweet tooth’s around. And if I had to sum up one guilty pleasure it would be Yogurtland. Half yogurt, half Oreos, you have to see it to believe it!


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