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Motivational ass-kicker.

Born and raised in So Cal, I grew up playing basketball, running, cheerleading and practicing Kenpo Karate. I have been teaching Spin for over 5 years and just ran my first marathon last year! I love spending time reading, drinking tea, going to Disneyland with my fiancé, trying new recipes and watching the Kings play, GKG!

Training Philosophy

I say it every class… we GET to do this! I believe it is such a privilege to be able to work out and push our bodies a little (or a lot) outside of our comfort zone. After going through such an intense battle with being overweight and then taking the drastic change and taking my weight loss to the extreme with an eating disorder, I have put my body through a lot over the last 10 years. Now, I look at eating and working out as a balance that can only enhance my quality of life, one day at a time.

What I love about Circuit works

I love the before, during, and after effect Circuit Works has. Walking into the studio and immediately feeling that great energy from the front desk team to the instructor. Then the feeling the class can give, how it can push you to do your absolute best even on days where that seems out of reach. I love the community and the team, all who have blown me away with their dedication, support, and how they really SHOW up for every class.

Favorite quote

“Don’t ever give yourself the opportunity to ask, what if?”

Surprising fact about me

I have an insane talent at Wheel of Fortune and have been known to get puzzles with just one letter up. Also…I have a degree from Le Cordon Bleu as a Pastry Chef 🙂

Favorite song

Those days by Lindsey Stirling

Favorite artist

Galantis, Halsey and Madonna!

Guilty Pleasure

Pumpkin pie and champagne, preferably together!


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