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Emily Sears

Back to the basics

Emily is a California native with Midwest roots. An athlete all her life with a special passion for Basketball. She Studies body work and practices Bowen Therapy. A lover of yoga, dogs and dancing and all about Fitness, health and wellness.

Training Philosophy

Self-care is number one. Let’s put our oxygen masks on first so we can create a positive ripple effect into the world. Be kind to your body. Consistency is key.

What I love about Circuit works

I love the group environment, I love the quick intervals, I love the videos at each station, I love that you can customize the workout for you and your body. Anyone can take the class!! Most of all I love how confident and strong I feel after taking class!!

Favorite quote

“Breakdowns = Breakthroughs”

Surprising fact about me

My first year of college I participated in a nationwide contest for a full year scholarship… and I Won!!

Favorite song

“Killing in the Name Of” by Rage Against the Machine

Favorite artist


Guilty Pleasure

In-N-Out Burger.


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